Children & Youth Programming

Kids MusicReligious education for children and youth is provided from September to May. Children and youth join the adults for the beginning of each Sunday service and then move downstairs for class. Because we are a spiritually diverse and welcoming congregation, our children explore religious truth and meaning as it is revealed through many traditions. We build intergenerational relationships through regular congregation-wide social justice activities and meaningful worship experiences designed to connect adults and children.  During Summer Services, "Movies with Meaning" offer a relaxed and safe environment for children and youth while parents gather upstairs.


UUFN Kids StoryAt UUFN, we foster each child’s personal spiritual development through community ritual, storytelling, music, creative play, and simple meditation. Sunday lessons for children in Kindergarten through 5th Grade focus on our Unitarian Universalist heritage and identity and the Seven Principles that describe our shared values. We strive to provide our children with opportunities to explore the world and their own experiences in a supportive community.



maypole gensOur goal is to nurture:

  • Spiritual growth through a variety of practices and traditions
  • Ethical growth through support for living out one’s values
  • Religious exploration of the basic teachings of other religions and philosophies
  • Encouragement to act as agents of change for more peace, justice and love in the world
  • Unitarian Universalist identity and a lifelong faith


Spring Wind

 2018.2019 Progams

Coming of Age (high school youth)  

The Coming of Age program at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Northfield is an opportunity for youth in grades 9-12 to explore and articulate their own genuine spiritual and ethical beliefs. Working from examples of Unitarian Universalist and other religious and ethical thinkers, each youth will be encouraged to develop and deepen their own authentic understanding of life’s big questions. Beginning in September of 2018, the youth will meet most Sunday mornings at 10 am to explore themes of spiritual practices, understanding life and death, social justice, principles and ethics, finding purpose, and making meaning in one’s life.  The year will include opportunities to engage with various spiritual practices, service learning experiences, group reflections and fun activities to build cohesion and friendships.

Riddle and Mystery (middle school youth)

By middle school (5th-8th grade), young people are already beginning to grapple with some of life’s big questions.  The Riddle and Mystery curriculum engages youth through creative and age-appropriate activities, stories, and discussions to help them explore their own curiosities and understandings. Unitarian Universalism offers the youth and their adult leaders a wealth of resources to engage questions such as: “Where did life come from?" “Does God exist/what is God?” “Is life fair?” “Why do bad things happen?” “How Can I Know Right from Wrong?” “What is Truth?” “How am I connected with everything else?”  Special emphasis is placed on helping the youth create a mutually supportive and fun classroom experience for everyone.


Children’s Classes (kindergarten to 4th grade)

Sunday lessons for children in kindergarten through 4th Grade focus on building character and a positive connection to our world and community.  Our curriculum explores the seven principles of Unitarian Universalism as well as stories from the bible, the world’s religions, and contemporary society. We strive to foster each child’s personal spiritual development through community ritual, storytelling, music, creative play, and simple meditation with the goal of teaching positive values and building an experience of belonging.



As a service to parents attending our Sunday Service, we provide nursery care for children ages 6 months to 4 years. Our childcare provider has many years of experience both professionally and as a parent.



Children and Youth Programs are open to all children of UUFN members with additional slots available to those families not affiliated with the congregation. To register your child(ren) or learn more about the upcoming programs at UUFN, please contact the Director of Children and Youth Programs, James Coulter or Rev. Kristin Maier,

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