First Time Visitors

We are always delighted to meet newcomers who join us on a Sunday morning. As you enter our space, greeters will be there to welcome you and answer any questions you might have.


UUFN Choir
What to expect during the service

Our services begin with a bell tone and music as we begin to center ourselves for an hour of spiritual deepening and renewal. That hour will typically include a blend of music, story, spoken message, and silence that draws us into a shared experience of the sacred. The sermon or message for the day invites those present to reflect on our deepest values, who we are called to be and how we might help heal the world and our own spirits. You can read or listen to sample  sermons to learn more.


Bringing Children?

Children typically attend the first 15 minutes of the service.  After which, the congregation sings the children downstairs to their Religious Education classes. Babies and small children are welcome in the service or can go down to our staffed nursery at any time. Please see our Children & Youth page for more info. Also, feel free to come a few minutes early so you can go downstairs and meet the teachers and our Director of Children & Youth Programming.



Many people wonder about appropriate attire. We see the full range of clothing, from suits to t-shirts and everything in between. We care more about you than what you are wearing; please dress as you feel most comfortable.


UUFN Shares the plate with non-profits working for transformation

Each week UUFN gives away half of what is placed in the offering baskets (unless marked "pledge") to a non-profit organization working to create transformation or relieve suffering. The weekly offering is part of our own spiritual practice of sharing our abundance with our community and the greater world. Visitors are welcome to contribute but should not feel obligated to do so. It is important to us that attendees give freely and never feel obligated to give in ways they cannot afford.

Coffee hour

You are cordially invited to stay after the service for coffee and conversation. Coffee and snacks offer a great opportunity get to know each other better and to build community.


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