At UUFN, we strive to be there for each other through the ups and downs of life. Our Care Team is a group of dedicated, caring congregants who are entrusted with providing care and support for people needing help and encouragement during a stress-filled life transition. The Care Team provides support, so that no one in our beloved community travels life’s difficult times alone.

The purpose and intention of the Care Team lies in its role as the “heartbeat” of the congregation so that the UUFN continues to be a supportive, beloved community for both longtime and new members. Members of the Care Team cooperate closely with the minister in assessing and responding to needs, joys, and concerns in the congregation. 

Anyone needing a little extra support can contact the Care Team at

We also warmly invite you to submit a joy, sorrow, or concern to be read out loud during our Sunday services. We will share your joy or sorrow, light a candle for you, and hold you in our hearts. Email