March 2024
Theme: The Gift of Transformation
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Sunday, March 3rd • 10:00 am
Becoming Light: The Transforming Power of Story
Paul Krause

Paul will be joined by Barbara Krause as Worship Associate, the UUFN Choir, and Laura Upham Gerber.

Sunday, March 10th 10:00 am (Remember to set your clocks ahead)
“The Overground Railroad to Immigrant Caravans”
Janet Kurtz

Firsthand accounts of the immigrant experience tell the story of the havoc at the border and dysfunction of the immigration system in a way that statistics can't. Jan Kurtz worked and lived at Jubilee Partners, Comer, Georgia when the Overground began to flourish throughout the United States. She continues to be involved with immigrant families today. Jan, author of Northern Shores and Southern Borders: Revelations of a Bilingual Life, will be sharing some of the stories of her work with refugees.

Sunday, March 17th • 10:00 am
“Transforming Church”
Rev. Sara Smalley

Unitarian Universalists are considering adding transformation as a core value, stating: We adapt to the changing world. We covenant to collectively transform and grow spiritually and ethically. Openness to change is fundamental to our Unitarian and Universalist heritages, never complete and never perfect. What does this mean for how we might transform and be transformed by our faith – especially if we let go of the pressure to be perfect?

Sunday, March 24th • 10:00 am
“Another Look at the Bible Story of The Samaritan Woman: COURAGE, CULTURE & MERCY”
Sandra Griffin

As culture influences all of us, can culture be changed? Can we as individuals transform    culture?

Thursday, March 28th • 7:00 pm (In person only)
“Gathering at the Table: Holy Thursday Communion Service”
Rev. Sara Smalley

In the Christian tradition, Holy Thursday is the day set aside each year to commemorate     Jesus's Last Supper with his beloved friends. We gather to share this ancient ritual of breaking bread together in new ways. Our communion table is radically welcoming: everyone of all ages and theologies is welcome as we honor the life and teachings of Jesus, nourish our bodies and spirits, and experience the power of breaking bread together. Gluten free option available and only non-alcoholic wine will be served.

Sunday, March 31st • 10:00 am
“A Unitarian Universalist Easter”
Rev. Sara Smalley

Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday: these days in the Christian calendar mark the cycle of death and loss, grief and uncertainty, and hope and joy returning. But for some of us, coming to church on Easter is complicated. Today’s service asks: what might the Easter story mean for us as Unitarian Universalists? After the service, children will be invited to a “found treasures” Easter egg hunt.