April 2024
Theme: The Gift of Interdependence
For the Zoom link for services, please email jwhitson@uunorthfield.org

Sunday, April 7th • 10:00 am
“Widening the Circle” • Rev. Sara Smalley

Whether you’re a long-time member or first-time attendee, join us for our Widening the Circle capital campaign launch! This will be a joyful celebration of the past, present, and future of UUFN. Rev. Sara will preach about our April theme of The Gift of Interdependence, the choir will sing, and we'll dream together of an expansive, welcoming, thriving future for all.

Sunday, April 14th • 10:00 am
“Sensing the Web of Life: Rethinking Our Relationship with Animals” • Janet Scannell

Becoming more attuned to the "web of life" requires appreciating the remarkable sensory abilities of animals and adapting our behavior to be better neighbors - for our own well-being and the planet’s health.

Sunday, April 21st • 10:00 am
“Unconditional Love With A Few Conditions” • Ellen Saul and Nita Wolf

Ellen Saul and Nita Wolf will share the service presentation on Sunday, April 21st. to present "Unconditional Love With A Few Conditions." Ellen has just published her book called "From Pain To Power: Seven Steps To Healthy Boundaries." Nita will offer ideas on the many forms of love and acceptance which are subjectively simple and complex. They will offer some special,   musical moments to enhance the experience.

Sunday, April 28th • 10:00 am
“On Loneliness and the Longing to Belong” Rev. Sara Smalley

More people report feeling lonely than ever before. In 2023, the US Surgeon General labeled loneliness an epidemic, and called for us to focus on its antidote: “the healing effects of social connection and community.” Rev. Sara will reflect on the many forms loneliness takes, and how our fundamental   human need to belong is a deeply spiritual longing.