Each Sunday morning at 10 am we gather onsite and online for an hour to deepen and renew our spiritual lives. A blend of music, story, spoken message, and quiet reflection draws us into a shared experience of the sacred.

We follow monthly themes that inspire us not only Sunday mornings, but in our day-to-day lives. We strive to make our worship services relevant and meaningful, speaking to both the head and the heart. Laughter, tears, questions, and reflections are all welcome! 

Old English: weorthscipe

The word “worship” comes from the Old English weorthscipe or worth-ship. Through worshipping together, we reflect upon what is of ultimate worth in our lives. We remind one another of who we are, who we hope to be, and how we are called to help heal our world.

Special Services

In addition to Sunday services, we gather throughout the year to mark important moments: Solstice, Christmas Eve, memorial services, weddings, transgender naming affirmations, child dedications, and more.

For memorial serivices we believe grief shared is grief softened, and for weddings and other rites of passage we know joy shared is joy amplified. If you are facing a significant life event and are looking for spiritual support, please reach out directly to our minister, Rev. Sara.